Healthcare Professional

Health Care Professional – Frontier Trails Camp

Health Care Professional Job Description

Frontier Trails Camp – Ontario

RESPONSIBLE TO   The Camp Director

GENERAL PURPOSE To conscientiously care for the physical and emotional needs of the campers and staff.


REQUIREMENTS   One of the following: 1. Registered Nurse 2. Registered Practical Nurse 3. Current Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid Certificate  4. Current St. John’s Ambulance Standard First Aid Certificate 5. Student nurse from a recognized Educational Institution 6. Equivalent certifications i.e. Paramedic7.Doctor




Care for the health needs; physical and emotional, of both campers and staff
Check the physical condition of campers and staff upon arrival and departure

                               Document any changes; date and sign

Relay any special needs or concerns; medical, emotional or academic to the Director
Submit a copy of any food allergies to the Cook
Keep accurate records of all treatments and medical complaints on provided forms

                               Keep other records as necessary and report to the Director as required

Ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive information as per Privacy Policy
Provide prompt and professional assistance in all medical situations
Keep all medication secured and administer only as and to whom prescribed
Immediately report any situation requiring emergency services, doctor or hospital

                               visit, to the Director

In cooperation with the Director, designate appropriate personnel to accompany all

                               cases to the hospital.

Provide first aid kits for cookouts, overnights and out-trips
Must be available at all times to be reached by phone.
Follow the Standing Orders – no personal preferences. Give requests for medication and

                               or supply needs to the Director

Please wear the camp staff shirt and name tag for Sunday arrival and Saturday pick up
Keep Medical center clean and tidy



Be an example of good character and help to instill this exemplary character and self-esteem in campers & other staff.
Attend morning Devotion & Staff Meeting
Spiritually mentor and encourage all staff
Attend morning Get Start with the kids  after breakfast
Maintain a personal devotional life and prayer time. Pray for campers and staff
Speak to campers concerning their spiritual journey whenever applicable
Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp
Contact:  Marie Tubby, Camp Director
Email Resume to: