Frontier Trails Camp: Counselor/Instructor

Frontier Trails Camp: Counselor/Instructor

Position Title: Boys or Girls Counselor/Instructor (Seasonal/Full Time)

Position Purpose: Counselors are responsible for their dorm of campers providing a safe, healthy, spiritual environment, leading some activities, and participating in caring for Frontier Trails Camp and its facilities.

Position Relationship: Report to Program Director(PD), Camp Directors

Principle Accountabilities: Providing Care, supervision, organization and leadership of  cabin group of children ages 6-10 & 11-16

Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp(required)
Lead your cabin group in Morning Get Start and evening Bedtime Story devotion.
Assume other responsibilities when required and as assigned
Prepare and lead an activity as assigned
Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested
Supervise your cabin group at meal times, rest time, rising, bedtime and cabin time.
Be available as needed for evening patrol
Carefully watch the health of your campers and report any irregularities
Take appropriate action in the event of an emergency
Maintain your dorm or cabin building and surrounding area in a clean, safe, and healthy manner
Care for the needs of each camper at all times and work towards building unity in the group
Spend time with your campers; be involved; seize teachable moments
Work with your PD in planning and participate in the evening program
Work to build staff unity, be sensitive and supportive of other staff members and loyal to camp policies
Complete Follow Up reports, birthday cards and  Activity records as required, promptly and accurately
Fill out a personal / spiritual staff evaluation at the end of the week; go over it with your PD
Use your time off wisely – get your rest
Obey all camp rules
Be patient, enthusiastic, hard-working and caring
Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested

Pre-requisites: Candidate will be enthusiastic, energetic team player who enjoys working with children and youth.

Completed Gr 12 or in post-secondary.

Experience in working with children and youth an asset.

First Aid & CPR  - Police Check


Must be able to work as part of a team in a demanding job.

He/she must be organized, prompt, and willing to work  some weekends during camp season.

Enjoy working with and around children ages 6-16


Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp

Contact:  Marie Tubby, Camp Director

Email Resume to:  frontiertrails@on.aibn.com




PROGRAM DIRECTOR – Frontier Trails Camp



RESPONSIBLE TO        The Director

GENERAL PURPOSE   To assist in the planning of the overall summer program and provide

                                        hands on direction to the daily running of the camp program


SPIRITUAL PURPOSE  . The staff  are the spiritual center of the Camp & program, & you would be an example & mentor for staff and campers!



Prior to camp, gather theme related props, decorations and equipment
Develop fun and safe program plans prior to coming to camp
Attend staff training and be prepared to assist if required
Decorate the Dining Hall to enhance each weekly theme
Label the Dining Hall tables with cabin names and numbers
Make sure all safety rules are posted at each activity area, and that staff are giving rules to kids before each activity.
Plan and execute all the All Camp evening programs, firesides, talent show, games, fishing night & Spa night.
Delegate weekend staff, days off during week for each staff, kids laundry
Facilitate theme related activities at meals
Coordinate announcements with the Director
Plan and execute the weekly staff appreciation party Friday night – games and food
Plan, delegate and run Free Time activities with signup sheets for campers
Deliver the stay-over program when the CIT’s are not in camp
Be in charge of staff  pool party on movie night
Assist Activity Coordinator with cookout preparations on Wednesday
Assign an area to each staff member that they maintain neat & orderly & make sure is clean for Saturday morning and Sunday registration
Be responsible to maintain the Prop & Sports cupboard & Boat house!

Clean-up and neatly store theme materials so they can be reused

Make recommendations to the Director regarding equipment needs: both present and future



Be an example of good character and help to instill this exemplary character and self-esteem in campers & other staff.
Attend morning Devotions and Staff meeting daily
Attend & give staff instructions at morning staff meetings
Spiritually mentor the staff
Have solid organizational skills
Be enthusiastic with campers and other staff
Have good communication and people skills
Have a servant’s heart and willingness to be flexible
Have vision for program enhancement
Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested
Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp
Contact:  Marie Tubby, Camp Director
Email Resume to:  frontiertrails@on.aibn.com



We invite you to consider the Medeba difference. Medeba was established in 1952 in beautiful Haliburton County and utilizes adventure learning to maximize the experience. We are co-ed camp that offers traditional activities like archery, riflery, crafts and canoeing with the option to choose from our many adventure activities like mountain boarding and biking, ropes courses and climbing walls.

Medeba uses trained staff to serve as positive role models and meets rigid safety standards. We are a non-denominational Christian camp where everyone is welcome. Medeba boasts a small camp atmosphere with only 96 residential campers. Campers stay in comfortable cabins — not tents — with two leaders and up to eight campers.

Medeba is a place where campers experience a positive environment of encouragement and unconditional acceptance, which fosters healthy interdependence. Many lasting memories and good friendships are created. We are so convinced of the Medeba experience we guarantee it!

"Using Adventure and Community to challenge young people to always say YES to God. "

Ontario Christian Summer Camps


1270 Kennisis Lake Rd.
West Guilford, Ontario K0M 2S0

Camp IAWAH: Where the adventure begins

IAWAH is a year-round camp ministry centrally located between Kingston and Ottawa in the Rideau Lakes region. We have a beautiful natural setting. There are over 200 acres of forests, ponds, trails and 2.5 kilometres of private shoreline on Wolfe Lake.
IAWAH features: Christian message; great activities, dedicated staff, welcoming natural spaces. We offer outstanding summer camps, family camps, youth leadership programs, and retreat facilities.

The purpose of IAWAH is to plant seeds of faith, nurture disciples, and cultivate leadership. We create an experience where guests are welcomed, inspired and meet Christ. We provide a high quality space & program; with a focus on serving Eastern Ontario.

Activities Include: Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Swimming, Canoeing, Crafts, Drama, Archery, Fishing, Survival, Sports, Climbing, Challenge Courses, Kayaking, Canoe Trips, Campfires and much more…

304 Iawah Road RR2 Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0

Frontier Trails Camp

Offering Horsemanship, canoeing, kayaking, mt. biking, archery, movie making, trampoline, fishing, crafts, sports, Red Cross swimming lessons, fireside and a whole lot more. Residential and day camps for ages 6 to 13, and 12 to 16. Offer school outdoor ed with activities such as pond life, marsh trails, astronomy, woodworking, ceramics and more. Also day trips and retreats for all ages,. Located 90 minutes west of Ottawa on Highway 60, 11km west of Eganville.

Frontier Trails
613 625 2416
Zion Hill Camp

Zion Hill - Christian Summer Camps in Renfrew County

Founded in 1931, Zion Hill continues to bring the good news of the Salvation of Jesus Christ to the community.

Zion Hill Camp 2016

Children’s Camp 1 (Ages 10-12) July 3-8
Children’s Camp 2 (Ages 7-10) July 10-15
Family Camp ~ July 17-24
Children’s Day Camp ~ July 18-22
Youth Camp ~ July 31-August 6 (Age 13- Gr. 12)

WATERFRONT DIRECTOR – Frontier Trails Camp


Frontier Trails Camp - ONTARIO

RESPONSIBLE TO        the Activity Coordinator and Director


GENERAL PURPOSE      To oversee the safe implementation of all Waterfront Activities

                                              To teach swimming lessons & a variety of Waterfront Activities

                                              To maintain the Waterfront so it is clean and safe

                                              To also be a Dorm leader, or activity leader if called upon to do so


REQUIREMENTS           18 years of age with      hours experience

       Current NLS

       Current 1st Aid and CPR

                                             Current Red Cross Instructors or equivalent an asset

        ORCA qualifications or equivalent an asset

       *Proof of qualifications will be required  

         Police Check


SPIRITUAL PURPOSE To function as a Spiritual organism rather than as a collection of independent persons filling positions. The Spiritual objectives of camp will only be achieved as each staff member consistently lives out the Frontier Trails Camp Mission.




 Hold training sessions for Waterfront staff to review all waterfront regulations, general

                procedures and emergency procedures

 Ensure that all Waterfront staff qualifications are current
 Ensure that all areas of the Waterfront meet or exceed Health Code regulations
 Check first aid kits, emergency horns, signage, reaching poles, spinal boards, lifejackets

    and ring buoys to see they are in place and in good working order

 Designate a back up guard or teacher in an emergency situation
 Oversee all Waterfront activities - work with the Program Director
 Be responsible to determine if the staff member is safe and competent in the specific capacity

    they are assigned to

 Coordinate with the Program Director for all Waterfront special Program events
Ensure that other Waterfront staff are maintaining their areas and equipment in safe manor
Visit all waterfront areas at least once /day
Encourage a unified and disciplined team of staff
Be approachable and understanding
Fill out all reports promptly and ensure incident reports are handed in to the Nurse or director.
Take the Waterfront staff through the Risk Management sheets and have them sign off




Make sure that all safety items are readily available: spinal board, life jackets in good order,

  emergency horns, first aid kit, extra whistles, accident/incident report book, extra sun block,

  hats, teaching aids, poles and ring buoys

 Monitor damage to all Waterfront equipment: lifejackets, paddles, canoes, kayaks, row boats;

    All damage must be reported and the equipment removed from the area according to the camp

    Risk Management protocols


 Check life jackets regularly for safety issues: lost belts, torn sides or zippers, punky or folded

    floatation material that no longer functions as it should. Discard to program director as needed. Make a record of      what has been discarded and inform the Director

 Notify the Program Director of any supplies or needed equipment
 Assign river / pond staff to clean sheds weekly
 Do not let the lifejackets sit outside in the sun. When dry, they should be put away on rack in the shade or in the boat house.
 Encourage the staff to maintain high standards in all areas



Be an example of good character and help to instill this exemplary character and self-esteem in campers & other staff.
Attend morning Staff & devotions Meeting
Spiritually mentor the Pool and Waterfront staff
Attend Get Start Devotions after breakfast
Maintain a personal devotional life and prayer time. Pray for campers and staff
Ensure each camper is presented with the gospel as they answer the questions
Have solid organizational skills
Have an ability to clearly convey instructions to others
Be patient and enthusiastic
Be supportive and encouraging of all camper efforts
Have a desire to see high standards kept in every Activity program
Demonstrate and promote good work habits
Attend all evening programs to help with supervision
Assist & lifeguard on a cabin cookout on Wednesday night
Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested
Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp
Contact:  Marie Tubby, Camp Director
Email Resume to:  frontiertrails@on.aibn.com


Revised 2019


ESL Teacher: Job Description Frontier Trails


Responsible to: The Program Director

GENERAL PURPOSE:  To provide a safe, healthy, spiritual environment for your assigned campers

ESL teachers who can work with children 6-16, providing English instruction to classes or individual campers.

Responsibilities: ESL teachers may develop a curriculum that focus on a specific aspect of language use, such as life skills, literacy, and camp activities. Teaching students basic English skills, such as listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Classroom work can consist of rote pronunciation techniques, quizzes, textbooks, videos and computer lessons. Teachers often combine basic studies with real-life interactions involving language use in different situations, such as camp activities, meal times etc.

organizing courses
Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to individuals or a class.
preparing teaching materials
helping campers improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills via individual and group sessions
checking and assessing pupils' work
Attending campers other activities if possible ie talent show Friday Evening.
Possible Course Description:  ESL Program for Learners Aged 6-16:  Each hour English lessons designed to introduce 15 to 20 new words to the student. Theme-based topics:  horseback riding, mealtimes, hobbies, nature, animals, & related vocabulary.  Question/answer practice exercises, & workbook for in-class use
 General Description:  in keeping with the ''fun'' side of camp, this program is geared to encourage speaking as opposed to writing proficiency.  By using picture images, with English labels, each child gains a certain level of familiarity with the terminology presented.
Fact finding, in the form of question/answer exercises, is also emphasized to assist the student in communicating with other English-speaking campers and staff.

Requirements: Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp

                        Post-secondary education

                                  Police Check

                                  First Aid & CPR an asset

Contact:  Marie Tubby, Camp Director

Email Resume to:  frontiertrails@on.aibn.com                   www.frontiertrailscamp.com

Aush-Bik-Koong Bible Camp

"I Love ABK!" It's something we hear a lot at Camp Aush-Bik-Koong. Campers love making new friends, eating great food, and taking part in fun activities, such as our 140 foot waterslide, swimming, wakeboarding, archery, sports, etc.


260 Sugar Lake Road
Walford, ON, Ontario P0P 2E0

Camp Cherith – Ontario

Since 1954 Camp Cherith’s rich and diverse outdoor activities have helped campers aged 6 – 16 gain self confidence, develop leadership skills and grow socially and spiritually. Our Christian environment is an intentional integration of Biblical values and activity.
Customized programs are taught by positive role models in a small group, non competitive and fun atmosphere.
Camp Cherith provides children with a community of caring adults, who nurture experiential education that results in self-respect and appreciation for God and His creation. All of the outcomes - self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, and self-respect - build personal competencies. These personal competencies are reflected in the four "C's" of the Camp Cherith community: Christ centered, commitment, compassion and character!

Camp Cherith is more than something to do when school's out. It is an essential component of your child's healthy development - physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually and spiritually.

Camp Cherith – Ontario
705-734-2122 or 519-881-2448

Ontario Christian Summer Camps
Ontario Christian Summer Camps

The Best Guide for Christian Summer Camps for Kids of all ages. Finding the right fit for your child is important. Looking for adventure? Love horseback riding, sailing, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, music or nature? Search and compare programs from a variety of day or sleep away camps.

Christian Summer Camps Canada in Ontario,
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